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About Us

More than 15 years RLDA develops, manufactures and supplies software and hardware tools for industrial process automation, like PLCs, I/O modules, sensors, interface converters and complete systems for process control.

The staff of RLDA consist of people with strong background in industrial process control, CAD and electronics, some of them have Ph.D. degrees in Microelectronics and great experience in PLC and computer development. RLDA staff have published 200 scientific papers and two bokks about industrial process control and CAD.

RLDA garantees high level of quality and reliability of all manufactured devices, equipment and services. . RLDA is a member of SRO (Russian professional organisation) in area of design, building and services of industrial objects and has all needed licenses and permissions in these areas.

RLDA also is a member of innovative center "Skolkovo".


The Grein system is intended for temperature and grain level control in grain siloses and siloses for other vegetable raw materials. Grein software saves the collected data to archive file in computer hard disk.

Grein software allows users to see all the needed data in human convenient form. In computer screen can be seen the temperature and grain lelel in each silos, also the prediction of temperature change. All the data can be printed in human friendly form.

The basic "Grein" features is:

  • low power consumption;
  • good maintainability of digital thermohangers and other system components;
  • possibility of working both with analog and digital thermohangers;
  • system service life is 25 years;
  • operating temperature range is from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius;
  • grain level measuring;
  • friendly software;
  • convenient and easy metrology calibration method;
  • simplicity and convenience for installation and further maintenance;
  • after-sales service;
  • short delivery times of spare parts for the system;
  • guarantee period is 3 years;
  • the system has all the necessary permissions and certificates.

The "Grein" system is designed to solve a wide range of automation tasks for elevators, grain siloses and feed mills. "Grein" can carry out the automatic control of all the technological equipment available in the agro-industrial enterprise.

The main possibilities of the "Grein" system is:

  • technological processes monitoring on the dispatcher computer screen;
  • automated or manual remote control of raw materials and finished product movement routes;
  • automated control of multicomponent scales (automatic or remote control of the dispenser motors, latches and other equipment);
  • grain crushing and extruding control;
  • diagnostics of technical equipment;
  • sound alarm;
  • emergency equipment shutdown;
  • reporting and archiving;
  • other functions in accordance with customer demands.
We offer a full range of works and services while
Grein system installation:

  • automation object inspection;
  • individual technical task development for each automation object;
  • development of necessary technical documentation;
  • development and manufacturing of control cabinets and power cabinets;
  • software development for controllers;
  • software development for HMI using full process visualization;
  • equipment supply;
  • mounting, supervised mounting and commissioning;
  • start-up of the system;
  • personnel training and technical support;
  • post-warranty service.


The list of the main objects on which the "Grein" system works

  1. ZAO Sorochinskij KHP-Orenburgskoj obl. Var I July 2003.
  2. ZAO Bursakovskij Ehlevator Krasnodarskij kray. Var I Aug. 2004, Var II Dec. 2006.
  3. AOOT Novooskolskij Kombik Zavod Belgorodskaya obl. Var I Oct. 2004.
  4. OAO Kantemirovskij Ehlevator Voronezhskoj obl. Var I, April 2005.
  5. AO Alekseevskaya Hlebnaya baza Belgorodskaya obl.(2 pcs.) Var I May 2005.
  6. OAO Korenovskij Ehlevator Krasnodarskiy kray (2 pcs.) Var I May 2005.
  7. OAO Eleckaya Hlebnaya Baza 30 Lipeckaya obl, Var I July 2005 г.
  8. OAO Tokorevskij Ehlevator Tambovskaya obl. Var I July 2005.
  9. OAO Oboyanskij Ehlevator Kurskoj obl, Var Aug. 2006.
  10. OAO Tihoreckij KHP Krasnodarskogo kr. Var II March 2006.
  11. OAO Penzenskij KHP, Var II July 2006.
  12. Kolodezyanskij Ehlevator Voronezhskoj obl. Var II Dec. 2006.
  13. OOO Taganrogskij Ehlevator. Var III Aug 2006.
  14. OAO Latnenskij Ehlevator Voronezhskoj obl. Var I June 2007.
  15. OAO Sarinskij Ehlevator Orenburgskoj obl. Var II Oct. 2007.
  16. OOO Balakovskij Zernovoj Terminal Saratovskoj obl. Var I Sept. 2007.
  17. OAO Troickij KHP Chelyabinskoj obl. VarIII Sept. 2007.
  18. OOO Labaz, Valujki Belgorodskoj obl. Var II April 2008.
  19. OAO Firma Agrokom Bursakovskij Ehlevator Krasnodarsk kray. Var II (IV stage) May 2008.
  20. OOO Yugo Vostochnaya Agrogrupp Umetskij Ehlevator Tambovskaya obl. Var I, June 2008.
  21. OAO Gerkules Voronezhskaya obl., g. Bobrov, Var II Sept. 2008.
  22. OAO Ehlevatornoe Hozyajstvo Shadrinskij Ehlevator Kurganskaya obl., Var II Oct. 2008.
  23. OOO Yuzhnaya Korona bkz Krasnodar kr. st. Bryuhoveckaya, Var. III Dec. 2008.
  24. OOO Kalininskij Ehlevator Saratovskaya obl., Var. III Dec. 2008.
  25. OAO Taganrogskij srz Azovskij Terminal Rost. obl., Var. II, June 2009
  26. OAO Dubovskij Hleboprodukt Rost obl., Var. II, July 2009.
  27. ZAO Hleboprodukt-1 g. Oorenburg, Var. III Aug. 2009.
  28. ZAO Firma Agrokompleks Vyselkovskij kkz, Var. II Krasnodarskiy kray, Dec. 2009.
  29. ZAO Firma Agrokompleks Vyselkovskij ehlev., Var. II, Krasnodarskiy kray, Aug. 2010.
  30. OOO Portgrejn ltd Volgodonsk Rostovsk obl, Var Ш, Sept. 2010
  31. OOO Yugo Vostochnaya Agroguppa Umetskij ehlev Tambov obl., Var IIвар. Sept. 2010.
  32. OAO Apo Avrora Zatonskij ehl Lipeck, Var II 1-st stage, Oct. 2010.
  33. OOO Voskhod Chernyahovsk Kaliningradskaya obl., Var III Nov. 2010.
  34. OAO Vostochnyj Mozhginskij Ehlevator, Udmurdija, Var. III, Dec. 2010.
  35. OAO Izkorm Nizhegorodskaya obl., Var. III, Feb. 2011.
  36. ZAO Bredinskij Ehlevator Chelyabinskaya obl., Var. III, May 2011
  37. OAO Apo Avrora g. Lipeck, Var. II June 2011.
  38. OOO Kuzovatovskij kkz Ulyanovsk obl. Var. II, 1-st stage, July 2011.
  39. OAO Valujskij Komb Rast Masel Nelgor obl., Var. II Aug. 2011.
  40. OOO Melkombinat g Vyazma Smolenskaya obl., Var. II, Oct. 2011.
  41. OAO Kaluzhskaya Pticefabrika, Var. III, Feb. 2012
  42. OOO Sol-Ileckij Ehlevator Orenburgskaya obl., Var. II, April 2012.
  43. OOO Poroshinskij Ehlevator Krasnodarskij kraj, Var. II, July 2012.
  44. OAO Gulkevicheskij khp Krasnodarskij kraj, Var. II, Aug. 2012.
  45. OOO Kolos g Kansk Krasnoyarskij kraj, Var, III, Oct 2012
  46. OOO Hlebnaya baza 8 Liski Voronezhskaya obl., Var. II, June 2013
  47. ZAO Panfilovskij Ehlevator Volgogradskoj obl. Var. III, June 2013
  48. ZAO Firma Agrokompleks Vyselkovskij ehl. Krasnodraskiy kr., Var. III July 2013.
  49. ZAO Aleksikovskij Ehlevator Volgogradskoj obl. Var. III, Aug. 2013
  50. OOO Volzhskij Terminal Saratovskaya obl. Var. II, Aug. 2013
  51. OOO Meleuzovskij Ehlevator Bashkortostan, Var. II, Oct. 2013
  52. OAO Bryuhoveckij Ehlevator Krasnodarskij kraj, Var. II, April 2014
  53. OAO Ehlevator Agroplemzavoda Idustrialnyj Krasnodarskij kraj., Var. II, June 2014
  54. OAO Orlovskaya Hlebnaya baza 36 g. Orel, Var. II, Aug. 2014
  55. OAO Kovylkinskij kkz Mordoviya, Var. III, Oct. 2014

About Us

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